Wednesday 8 May 2024

Scottish Handwriting site integrated into ScotlandsPeople

The Scottish Handwriting website at is sadly no more - its contents have just been integrated into the ScotlandsPeople website at

The learning tools on the new version appear to be the same as those previously available on the Scottish Handwriting platform. These can be used to learn how to read old forms of Scottish Handwriting, most notoriously the form known as Secretary Hand, which I often tell folk was invented by the Klingons!

ScotlandsPeople has a news announcement about the integration of the site at

I've not yet found quite how to locate the link directly on the site yet from the home page, but it can be found via the Researching Older Handwriting (Palaeography) guide on the Topics A-Z list at - the guide is at

A free guide on how to read documents from 1500-1700 is also available from the National Records of Scotland at

** For those wishing to use the original Scottish Handwriting site, it has been cached at the Internet Archive on many occasions - this link appears to lead to a fully functioning version of the site, with most pages crawled and saved -


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