Friday 21 June 2024

Family Tree magazine - Irish Ancestors Study Afternoon with Chris Paton

I hope you can join me for this study afternoon on Saturday 29th June!

Family Tree presents a live Zoom event with genealogy expert Chris Paton.

Join us on 29 June starting at 1pm UK time for three masterclasses, with a Q&A after each. Chris will explore Irish record sets – both on-site and online, and explain how to tackle research challenges. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and the full session will be recorded for you to watch in your own time.

(Please note: session start times may vary slightly if previous sessions run a few minutes over)

Your ticket includes:

- Access to all three masterclasses and Q&A sessions on Zoom

- The chance to ask Chris Paton your Irish family history question at the end of each talk (subject to timings and demand)

- A copy of the recording to watch on-demand for 7 days


Session 1: Records of Daily Life in Ireland
There are many basic resources available to help us establish the genealogy of our families, but in this session, Chris Paton looks at many additional record sets exist that document their role and status in society, as well as their fate. These include electoral records (including freeholders lists and absent voters lists), the administration of the poor law and the role of the poorhouse in Ireland, and education records.

Chris will also look at judicial records and the records of law enforcement, and explore a case study of a 19th century murder which unblocked a genealogical brick wall within his own ancestry, pushing the family narrative back to the mid 18th century.

Session 2: Researching Irish Occupations
In this session Chris explores the occupational world of our Irish ancestors, including agricultural Ireland, the factories and shipyards established through industrialisation, the professional classes such as church ministries, physicians and nurses, communications workers, the merchant shipping services, and the military, both British and Irish.

Chris will also look at how Irish people travelled to Britain and beyond for economic opportunities, whether through seasonal work or through longer term economic necessity.

Session 3: Researching Ireland 1912-1923
In this talk Chris looks at the landmark events that led to the Partition of Ireland in 1921 and its consequences. It includes the Suffragette struggle in Ireland, the Ulster Covenant of 1912, the formation of the Irish Volunteers and the Ulster Volunteers, the Dublin Lock-out of 1913, the First World War, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence, Partition, and the subsequent Irish Civil War. As well as addressing the historical events it shows how to research ancestors caught up in the period, whether on the British or Irish side, and from across the island and beyond.

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I hope to maybe see you there!


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