Monday, 16 November 2020

Aberdeen and North East Scotland FHS expands local groups worldwide

The Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society ( now has Local Area Groups in London, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Ontario, on top of the previously established local groups in Aberdeen, Moray/Banff, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. 

According to society member Buzzy Garden, "the groups have been set up basically anywhere with sufficient ANESFHS members & willing person(s) to set up a more local Group and encourage communications/ meetings to suit. This was a boon to us when ANESFHS local groups started meetings by Zoom. 

"These have been highly successful, not just attracting more members from wider parts of Scotland, and Englandshire, but meeting antipodean & transatlantic members in our various Scottish local groups (& vice-versa)."

For further details on the new regional group events, please visit for the society's current programme.

NB: I'll be speaking to the society on February 13th 2021 about Sharing Your Family History Online - more details soon!

(With thanks to Buzzy)


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