Monday, 16 November 2020

Glasgow, Greenock and Dumfries prison register records added to Scottish Indexes

From Scottish Indexes (

Family History Records Released for Glasgow, Greenock and Dumfries

12,713 prison register entries have been added to Scotland's Criminal Database on

Huge thanks to an army of volunteers who have helped with this. We made a call for volunteers a couple of weeks ago and we were overwhelmed by the response. We were able to index a lot more entries than we anticipated!

The entries are from Glasgow, Greenock and Dumfries and it takes the total number of entries in Scotland's Criminal Database to over 178,000!

As with all our indexes, they are free to search and we give the full archive reference. Also, we have a unique URL for each entry making it easy to share with relatives and save the entry to your family tree.

Prison registers are really helpful when you are tracing your family history. They tend to give a specific place of birth, in many cases even if a person was born outside Scotland. Prison registers can add colour to your family history as well as acting as a finding aid to even more records.  

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