Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Further Limerick records added to RootsIreland

From RootsIreland (www.rootsireland.ie)

New County Limerick Records Added

We are pleased to announce that Limerick Genealogy has added 11,000 records to its database at rootsireland.ie/limerick including the following records:

  • Presbyterian marriage records from Limerick 1813-1841 - 42 records
  • Knocklong Roman Catholic marriage records 1830 & 1855-1860 - 137 records
  • Knocklong Roman Catholic baptismal records 1817-1819 & 1854 - 312 records
  • Caherconlish Roman Catholic marriage records 1843-1846 - 117 records
  • Caherconlish Roman Catholic baptismal records 1841-1845 - 528 records
  • 1821, 1841 & 1851 Census abstracts - 639 records
  • Transcribed parish census from Pallasgrean in 1834 - 213 records
  • Titaldoes of Limerick from Pender's Census, 1659 - 808 records
  • Biographical notices of births, deaths and marriages from the Limerick Chronicle newspaper, 1823-1855 - 7106 records
  • References to residents and subscribers from Limerick in Samuel Lewis' A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837 - 726 records
  • Teachers in Limerick in 1824 listed in the Second Report from Commissioners of Irish Education Inquiry, 1826 - 505 records.

In addition to the above, where available, Limerick Genealogy has extended non-Catholic baptismal records up to 1919, non-Catholic church and civil marriages up to 1919 and death/burial records up to 1919. Updates and corrections to the database have also been made.

(With thanks to RootsIreland via email)


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