Thursday, 12 November 2020

Family Tree December 2020 issue on sale

The latest issue of Family Tree magazine (December 2020) comes with the free Family History Handbook 2021, with tips and listings for a variety of family history techniques and resources.

In the magazine itself, I have an article on the changing nature of my identity as it has been affected by family history discoveries over the last 20 years. Family history can solve identity issues, but can easily cause new ones, whilst the very way in which we carry out our research also has the potential to skew our sense of who we are; we are the sum of ALL of our parts, and not just those lines we consciously or unconsciously target!

Simon Wills also takes a look at convict transportation records to Australia, Melanie Winterbotham traces her English ancestry back to Tudor times, Jayne Shrimpton offers 10 photo-dating tips, there is a look at the Legacy of British Slavery Database project, Paul Chiddicks examines weird and wonderful genealogy finds, and there is plenty more!

At £5.99, the magazine will be fining its way now to local shops and newsagents, and can also be purchased via

And Santa is on the cover - as everyone knows, he's Irish!


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