Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Free University of Strathclyde genealogy course and referencing tools

I put out a call yesterday saying if anyone knows of anything online to do genealogically if self-isolated, drop me a note, and I'll happily pass it on - and my old university did not disappoint!

Tahitia McCabe from the University of Strathlcyde has dropped me a note to say that its free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), Research Your Family Tree Online, is currently up and running, as of March 9th, but that it is still perfectly fine to jump in now.

You can sign up to the course at

Tahitia has also suggested that if folk want to review how they reference their research, and cite sources, its guide at may also be worth looking at to pass a few hours.

(PS: there are many styles in which to reference research - as long as they all point to the same end goal, I'm a happy bunny!)

Have fun!

(With thanks to Tahitia)


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